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B&W Warranty is a service pledge (service or insurance), which consists of extending the manufacturer’s original warranty by up to 1, 2 or 3 years.


B&W Warranty coverage starts when the manufacturer’s warranty ends, and offers the same warranty as the manufacturer, including the possibility of replacing the product.

B&W Warranty must be subscript at the moment of equipment's purchase or, in the limit, 90 days before the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty.

Eligible Goods


  • Washing machine           Oven        MP3   Dishwasher   Television   Vacuum Cleaner   Tumble dryer




 AC Units

 Fridge


 Plasma TV


 Iron


 Freezer

 DVD Player  Pressing Center  Cooker  Video Camera  Small Kitchen Appliances  Microwave  Photo Camera  Desktop PCs.




In the event of mechanical, electrical or electronic failure during the normal use of the product and in the period of the warranty, the company may choose between: • Repair the product including labour and spare parts costs. First option: execute the repairman in the insured's home. • Replace the product with another of similar characteristics. When there are no spare parts or the repair is more expensive than a new one. Some Policy Exclusions • Accidental damages • Expenses arising from the diagnosis of the damage or repair of a product if is not coverage • Commercial use • Maintenance, cleaning, re-setting, esthetic repairs • Negligence, acts of nature, etc.

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