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Gulf Warranties aims to assist insurers and reinsurers within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and region in delivering the best in personalized member services through advanced technology and capable teams.

Gulf Warranties Promise Financial security and protection for our clients' Commitments and fairness to our agents. We respect and offer excellent opportunities to our employees. We continuously tend to Increase value and reward for our shareholders. We are committed to bringing quality products to market while providing the best service at the lowest cost.



To be the pioneer in Third Party Administration, Our vision is to set the standard of excellence to the insurance providers by being innovative, being cost effective, providing the right support and service for our customers, exceeding their expectations for local and regional clientele from within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We will attract and retain the very best employees and agents to help us achieve this goal.

Core Values


                                                         We treat our clients and each other with appreciation, dignity, and courtesy.



                                                 With transparency, we conduct ourselves ethically and honestly in everything we do.

                                                                        TEAM WORK

                                  Combining our individual strengths, we produce results greater than the sum of our individual efforts.


                            As we interact with our clients and other businesses, we strive to be courteous, honest, and responsible.


                  We try not to take ourselves too seriously by creating a friendly work environment where people enjoy being part of a team.


                We give each client our full attention, anticipating their needs, being honest and upfront with all details, terms, and conditions.

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